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Cooling and refrigeration are two industries that are known to not only require adequate insulation in order to function properly but also to thoroughly chill the content(s) it is responsible for storing/housing.

Furthermore, due to the dual insulating capacities that are required of most insulators or insulation products, they typically experience constant bombardment and deviation (on at least two fronts) regarding temperature more so than other elements requiring insulation.

Unmatched Coverage

With that in mind, our company, Foam Kote, Inc has pioneered several methods and techniques to apply polyurethane spray foam insulation to a wide variety of cooling containers, refrigerated vehicles, and other options for chilled transportation.

Please note that if your particular requirement or project is not listed in our areas of coverage, do not fret.

Thanks to our generations of spray foam insulation experience, if we are not able to assist with your project firsthand, we can, at the very least, point you in the correct direction.

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